To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow – this is a human offering that can border on


– Elizabeth Gilbert – 

Welcome to the clinic, where we support and nurture yourself and your relationships, helping you break free from overwhelm, stress, and poor boundaries to thrive in your personal life and connections with others.

Am I burned out or just tired?

Grab my 5-minute checklist to understand what you’re experiencing and how to start feeling better today

am i burned out or just tired
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Did you know that in a Healthy Relationship:

It’s safe to have boundaries.
It’s safe to ask for what you need.
It’s safe to have uncomfortable conversations.

If these statements feel overwhelming and not at all like your current personal relationships then you are in the right place for support.

It may feel overwhelming because, like most people, you probably have never learned how to navigate getting your needs met with others – especially within the relationships with those we love the most. And you may be scared they could leave you if you are ‘too much’, ‘too needy’ or ‘too demanding’.

The truth is that getting your needs met in your relationships – like being truly heard and seen is vital for your health and wellbeing; emotional, physical and mental. When we are not responded to in our relationships there are so many impacts possible on a subconscious level and by not attending to your needs can feel like you are betraying yourself in the process. Double Whammy!

It’s not your fault that you don’t know how to change this. We pick up these habits and beliefs from our childhood relationships and they’re hard to break. But I want you to know you DO have choices that don’t have to involve leaving your partner, becoming ill or feeling trapped in a no-win situation.  The good news, there are templates. There are decades of research that have shown exactly how to turn this around and create relationships with greater meaning and care allowing us to flourish within them.

If we don’t manage our stress well, we can enter the field of burnout.  What kind of burnout have you been experiencing?

professional burnout

Professional Burnout

Professional burnout feels like going to bed dreading the next day at work already, struggling under the weight of your job’s demands or a lack of fulfillment and emptiness.

parental burnout

Parental Burnout

Parental burnout feels like you’re constantly on an unpredictable rollercoaster ride. Feeling emotionally drained, the relentlessness of always being on call, sleep deprivation and pressure can eat away at you.

relationship burnout

Relationship Burnout

Relationship burnout feels like disconnection to the point where you’re more like roommates or co-parents. When love and intimacy get replaced with resentment.

Hi, I’m Jenny Carter

In my role as a Relationship Therapist and Registered Counsellor in Brisbane, I’ve helped so many overwhelmed people over the years who are experiencing stress, overwhelm and relationship distress often saying “I don’t know how to move forward, I feel stuck.”

Let me tell you — we all have times in our lives when it feels like we can no longer manage our ‘stuff’ and by reaching out for support, we can create new conversations exploring what you need and what pathways are possible to get there.

hi i'm jenny carter

Stressed out people also notice their close relationships are strained and not nurturing them as they need.

We operate so much better as humans when we are feeling seen and heard by our loved ones.

So what is the magic formula? Is there science behind creating a perfect relationship?

Well, yes and no.

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship – we aim for the ‘Good Enough’ Relationship. And yes, there is some well established science behind how to get your relationship back on track and moving forward in positive ways

The great news for you is that I have learned many of these ingredients for the magic formula and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you!

My Signature 5-Step Stress & Burnout Recovery Process



Realise you need help and your level of stress is not okay with you anymore.



Notice how your burnout is affecting you and what symptoms you’re experiencing.



Identify why it’s happening — what patterns have you fallen into that don’t support your self-care?



Learn new skills to stop overextending yourself like boundary setting and asking for what you need.



Bravery practice those skills and have the hard conversations you need to take your life back.

meet jenny

Meet Jenny

I am a registered counsellor, wife and mother to three gorgeous wild souls and I’m on a heart-led mission to guide people like you who are feeling overwhelmed with your life and relationships and may feel lost or be at the edge of burnout.

I’ll support you to find more balance, fulfilment, joy, meaning and purpose in your life by learning how to truly get to know yourself and your place in your relationships with others.

I am a registered counsellor and I mostly work supporting my clients to have healthy, fulfilling relationships and ways to communicate that feels safe, respectful and harmonious with each other.

I am constantly undergoing professional development courses as I am so passionate about finding ways for all of us to lead a more Soul Centred Life.  I have a Master’s degree in Counselling as well as a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy which informs my values on living as holistically as we can – mind, body and soul.  I run my private therapy practice Soul Centred Life in Arana Hills, Brisbane, Australia.

Three ways you recover from burnout and redefine your life

1 1 brisbane online counselling

 1:1 Brisbane Online Counselling

For individuals and couples who want to heal from personal or relationship issues or burnout when you feel ‘stuck’ or that you have lost connection with your loved ones.

soul reviver course

Soul Reviver Course

My signature burnout recovery program helps you break the cycle of overgiving. Over 4 weeks you’ll go on a guided journey to go from depleted to repleted and revive your life again.

tree of life course

Tree of Life Course

Not sure who you are anymore and want to answer the question: ‘who am I?’ Well, this course is for you! Create your own tree that brings your strengths and gifts to life.



Is your life out of balance?

Think of your life as boiling down to four quadrants. Do some take up greater space in your life? How does that make you feel?

REMEMBER: It’s ok if all of your quadrants aren’t perfectly even – in fact, most of the time they won’t be. Balance comes from knowing when you feel discomfort and recognising that one quadrant is taking up too much space or one has shrunk so that it’s feeling neglected.

When you notice this, it’s time to make changes, take action, have conversations, delegate and if you need extra help, I offer 1:1 counselling sessions to unpack it with oodles of support or my Soul Reviver Program can support you to make changes on a budget.

is my life out of balance

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