If you’re like most women I talk to, honouring your own needs is like speaking a foreign language.

(Like your need for rest, joy, self-care, or nourishment).

The road to burnout is paved with good intentions like helping and protecting other’s feelings. But you’re becoming a resentful, anxious person you don’t recognise anymore.

With Zoom Counselling I can help support you to get your energy and zest for life back.

I believe women are experiencing burnout at record levels. The mental load we carry can feel exhausting.

Do you hold yourself to unrelentingly high standards?

Being the perfect partner, mother, worker, daughter, housekeeper and more are all part of this social narrative we carry which tells us what a woman ‘should’ do. Sometimes holding the weight of all these expectations (from society and internally from ourselves) is too much to bear and that’s when we can slip into burnout.

I know what this feels like because I’ve been there too. A few times, in fact. I’ve also helped hundreds of women through it via Zoom Counselling and I’d love to support you to.

free yourself

My first burnout occurred at a time when it looked like I had it all on paper. I was working in a share registry managing corporate takeovers and floating companies on the stock exchange. But it was completely soul-sucking.

My darling father loved the stock market and I tried so hard to show him how fabulous I was by being successful in the field. The problem was, I had zero interest in shares or financial markets. I felt like I was working so hard just to make millionaires richer. Slowly, I started to feel dead inside living in this capitalist spreadsheet world. Every night my professional friends and I would go out drinking to feel some sense of joy. I was yearning for more meaning in my life.

I began to get sick all the time. I was run down and my lifestyle was terrible. That’s when I went to see a naturopath for the first time. I was enamored with the beautiful clinic and couldn’t believe people got to do that for a living. I knew in my heart I wanted to become a naturopath.

I went to my boss and said “I’m done. I going to leave and study my Bachelor of Health Science and become a naturopath.” They generously gave me a bonus and agreed to any hours I wanted to keep me in some capacity. I found it hard to manage my projects part time and study so something had to go and I left the corporate world. I knew if I didn’t do it now I would be trapped and I couldn’t endure any more of it.

The problem was, changing career paths didn’t fix my problem with overgiving.

I loved studying naturopathy, but my four-year degree ended up stretching out to a 9-year degree because I had three babies during that time. So I was a full-time mum during the day and would be studying chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology at 10pm each night while everyone was asleep.

As you can probably guess, that meant I wasn’t sleeping. I was writing assignments at 1 am about stress response, self-care, and the nuances of the circadian rhythm while sleep deprived.

It was completely ironic. I started to feel resentful and I couldn’t see that I was getting in my own way. I held myself to such high standards to be the perfect mother. To be 100% present. To home cook them organic food for every meal and do lots of activities with them so they would be well rounded.

studying naturopathy

Eventually, my kids got older, I graduated with my degree and set up my own clinic.

It was in my naturopathic clinic that I heard firsthand how stressed and burned out almost every one of my patients was.

As I dug deeper, I realised most people were deeply unhappy with their lives and how they were living superficially mostly to please everyone else – at their own expense.

No herb in the world will unravel that by itself.

That is the time I realised I wanted to be a Counsellor. I wanted to spend my days having conversations of meaning and purpose to support others to get back on their true path of self-discovery and ignite their dreams of a preferred future.

My counselling master’s degree was the greatest three years of deep personal growth and self-awareness (although burnout number 3 appeared in the last semester of my masters).

I could see why times in my life I felt ‘not enough’ and unsatisfied on the inside – because I was living like I ‘should’ be, not how I ‘needed’ to be. At uni, I learned to question everything – especially the social narratives within our culture, society, and especially our families of origin.

After so many career pivots and years of deep self-discovery, I have finally found my path. I just wish I had found a therapist like myself when I left school 30 years ago to encourage me to follow my heart.

I’ve now helped hundreds of women like you to…


Discover what you really want out of life and be the author of your own story.


Learn how to set boundaries and honour your needs.


Live your truth and authentic self so life feels amazing.

The values that guide my work

support & warmth

Support & Warmth

To get the benefit of therapy and therapeutic interventions with self-discovery, it is important to feel safe to be vulnerable and explore your inner thoughts and memories. Throughout everything I create, I strive to ensure every woman feels truly supported with my warm and caring attention as they go through their journey of self-exploration.

self agency


Being the captain of your own ship of life is imperative for you to feel empowered. When we have our own self-agency, we are able to make decisions authentically and with the freedom to sense our next step to personal alignment – not influenced by fear. This also allows us to exert our boundaries which are so important to getting our needs met.



Being part of a community is essential for our identity to be recognised. We are stronger when we work together for common causes and share our values and visions. Having support from like-minded people — who can celebrate with us as well as hold us when times are tough can remind us that we are important to others and not alone.

potentials 1


Remembering around every corner is an opportunity awaiting us to live our lives as we chose to create it. By recognising that there are non-stop moments of choice and change we can remember that we are in control of our life and can choose what we create when we listen to the ‘whispers of potentials’. Like life’s fairy lights that spark up if we look for them.

connection 1


In able to establish and maintain healthy relationships, feeling connected is essential. There is little benefit felt when communicating with others if we do not feel truly connected to them. When we feel connected to others, we are honoured as individuals – to be seen and heard is one of our greatest needs.



We were not born on this Earth to be invisible and insignificant. We all have our purpose and deserve to live it. When we are feeling empowered, we have the opportunity to live authentically, without fear driving us. Empowerment energy gives us a sense of possibility and potential – this is the space where we are aligned and in our greatest creative mode.

Fun Facts about me


I believe there is magic in botanicals and love taking my daily herbal tonics — even though they taste awful!


I have skydived twice and both times never felt so exhilarated in my life. If only I could find that feeling on the ground more often:) I am eagerly looking forward to my next jump.


My great grandfather x 5 was a leader in the Irish Rebellion in 1788. His name was Michael Dwyer and he did some very gutsy and courageous acts to save the country he loved.


My Australian family was mostly filled with Irish and English convicts. I may have acquired some of their wild spirit — especially on a cocktail night with the gals!

fun facts about me

Why work with me?

I have seen hundreds of clients. I blend practical qualifications with real-world lived experiences which gives me the knowledge, insight and compassion to support you in making sustainable positive change.

Formal Qualifications

• Masters of Counselling

• Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

• Eating Disorder Practitioner (NEDC)

• Advanced Practitioner – Tree of Life,
Narrative Methodology

Informal Qualifications

• Woman of the world for over 50 years

• Lived experience being married for over 17 years

• Lived experience being a mother to 3 children

• Lived experience in different careers, from corporate manager to naturopathic practitioner to therapist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your qualifications?
  • Master of Counselling degree from Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
  • Advanced Practitioner in Tree of Life Narrative Methodology (PHOLA)
  • Accredited Practitioner in ACFED - Australian Centre of Eating Disorders (Nutritional Interventions)
  • Current Blue Card holder 
  • Current Advance First Aid certificate
  • Current Police Clearance certificate
Do I need a referral to see Jenny?

Good news - no.

No referrals are necessary and no diagnosis required. Everyone is welcome to counselling. You can book directly online when you are ready.

Can I use my Mental Health Care Plan?

Sorry, no.

The mental health care plans through Medicare are intended to be used for psychology services after you have received a formal diagnosis. Although your care plan does not apply to our sessions, I can still support you with counselling if you do have one.

I am on the NDIS, can I see you for counselling?

Yes - if your goals will benefit from counselling or psychotherapy, absolutely (self managed & plan managed only).

I currently have NDIS clients I regularly see online for support with their goals.

Can I claim with my Private Health Fund?


I am registered with a few health funds through my professional registration with The Australian Counselling Association. Some of the funds include:


Please check with your fund to see if you have counselling services included. If so, I will ensure your receipt will display my provider number to assist in your claims.

How long will I need counselling for?

That is 100% up to you.

Generally, there are no rules or set recommended timeframes*. I do see most clients either weekly, fortnightly, monthly or ‘as needed’. The advantage of regular sessions is if you forward book your preferred times, you are guaranteed the session.

You may find initially that more frequent sessions are beneficial, then as you are feeling stronger about your situation, you may stretch the time frames out to where you feel comfortable such as weekly to fortnightly.

I notice those who view their therapy the same as their other health commitments (such as regular physio, chiro, nutritionist, pilates etc.) and have a regular commitment to their mental health, find consistent balance and personal self-agency to unpack their life events in context - before they become more permanent worries or interfere with daily living.

*If you sign up to a program there are set number of sessions which apply.

I’m not in Brisbane - can I still see you?

YES! I offer online Zoom sessions for your convenience.

Zoom sessions are hosted on the secure professional portal and are never recorded - ever. Your confidentiality and safety are the highest priority for me.

Are you a member of a professional association?

Yes, I am a registered member of the ACA - The Australian Counselling Association. My member number is 12024.

Do you have professional indemnity insurance?

Yes, I am fully insured to practice with Focus Insurance Brokers Australia

Can I have couples therapy without my partner being there?

If you are seeking counselling to discuss your relationship. I always encourage you to bring your partner with you and book a family/couples therapy session (it is longer than a standard session to allow you both enough time to talk).

If your partner does not come with you then it really is individual therapy where we focus on your experience within your relationship. Some clients come to individual therapy first and then choose to bring their partner in their sessions to express what they have been processing, in a safe environment.

Three ways you recover from burnout and redefine your life

1 1 brisbane online counselling

1:1 Counselling

For individuals and couples who want to heal from burnout, clarify ‘who am I?’, reduce your stress and find greater meaning and purpose.

soul reviver course

Soul Reviver Course

My signature burnout recovery program helps you break the cycle of overgiving. Over 4 weeks you’ll go on a guided journey to go from depleted to repleted and revive your life again.

tree of life course

Tree of Life Course

Not sure who you are anymore and want to answer the question: ‘who am I?’ Well, this course is for you! Create your own tree that brings your strengths and gifts to life.