Experience 1:1 Holistic Counselling in Brisbane

Feel seen, heard and understood while deepening your understanding of who you are and how to thrive in life.

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Firstly, let’s take a deep breath and honour the fact that you’ve made it to this page. You’re amazing! Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.

My therapy sessions hold the space of deep reflection and understanding for women and couples to go to places they haven’t been before or are too hesitant to go to.

These places might seem a little out of your comfort zone at first, but I promise you they hold the key to finding what you crave:

Inner strength, self-confidence, hope, unleashing your voice, connection and JOY.

I offer 1:1 holistic counselling in Brisbane and online via Zoom.

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What to Expect from a 1:1 Counselling Session

We’ll build a relationship of trust, care and respect that allows deep, vulnerable conversations to unfold.

unapologetically yourself

Unapologetically Yourself

Let’s uncover who you really are beyond the stressed-out wife/mumma/friend – find the space to live intentionally, authentically and break the cycle of burnout.

remember your fabulousness

Remember Your Fabulousness

She’s in there! Let’s work on you finding the pathway back to the incredible soul you are – and help her shine.

explore your inner self

Explore Your Inner Self

I believe that when we really understand who we are (the great, the bad and the ugly), we allow ourselves to feel more free and empowered.

find your true north

Find Your True North

We were not born on this Earth to be invisible and insignificant. Let’s follow and recognise your soul’s ‘fairy light trail’ and come back home to yourself.

ignite your relationship

Ignite your Relationship

Rediscover the flow of ease, love, harmony and connection you may have lost in the tangle of stress, and communication breakdowns.

feel enough

Feel Enough

We can be ‘scrappy humans’ and get it wrong – and still be a GREAT PERSON. I’ll help you discover your strengths so you can see yourself with new eyes.

My approach

before your first session

Before your first session

On confirmation of your first appointment booking, you will be sent some forms to complete to set you up as a client on the clinic software. I assure you, your personal details are kept securely and confidentially, so you can feel safe to be honest.

at your first session

At your first session

We will spend your session getting to know each other as I gently check in with you on what you need for your next steps to empowerment.

I may ask some deep questions about how you are feeling about your place in your world and see if there are any current obstacles in your path.

beyond your first session

Beyond your first session

After our first session, I’ll be able to guide you on the best next step to work with me including:

~ Soul Reviver Program

~ Tree of Life – Soul Explore Program

~ 1:1 ongoing Private Therapy Sessions (individual or couples)

~ Join in a Group Session

I do…

Personally guarantee whatever you share with me will remain private and confidential.

Offer an inclusive space without judgement or shame so you feel safe and heard.

Know that you are the expert in your life and I am here to help you explore and re-align with it.

Focus on your strengths, talents and dreams. Therapy with me isn’t just the back and forth of discussing your problems or struggles – it’s a portal to evolve and make intentional changes to align with living your best life.

Know that we all have a Sparkly, Sometimes Scrappy, Empowered and Powerful Goddess within and sometimes we need help to give her a nudge and wake her up.

I don’t…

Diagnose you or label you.

Think that our inner work is ever complete – but sometimes near enough is good enough!

Work by a rigid process, we will collaborate and discuss together your next best steps in what you are seeking and needing in your life at the moment.

Work outside of my clinic hours. If you need an earlier appointment, feel free to message me however I do not provide crisis care.

Write any psychological reports* for your workplace or personal requirements. A letter of attendance at your request is available, however. *NDIS clients are the exception.

Assume anything about you and your story, so our sessions are centred around you telling your truth and how it feels and I can support you to ‘reframe your narrative’ if the current one feels redundant.

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Feel heard and understood. Question limiting beliefs or thoughts. Learn to love yourself. Learn techniques and practical strategies to cope with challenges


AU $150



Learn to effectively manage conflict, communicate clearly without becoming defensive, gain a positive perspective and enhance intimacy.


AU $220 per couple

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