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Tree of Life Narrative Therapy Brisbane & Online Program

Are you ready to finally answer the question:
“Who am I?”

4-Weeks | Transformational Self-Discovery Narrative Therapy Brisbane, Zoom or Self-Paced Program
Narrative Therapy Brisbane

Do you look around and feel like everyone else has life figured out?

Meanwhile, you’re feeling stuck and directionless, without a north star to guide you home?

Are you confused about where you’re headed in this season of your life after going through major changes which have rocked the foundations of what you knew to be true about yourself and the world?

All the uncertainty & self-criticism is exxxhhhaaaustting, am I right?

Narrative Therapy Brisbane

There is a path to clarity waiting for you.

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soul explore tree of life program

Be guided to reawaken the power of you in a safe, supportive container.

Throughout this course, you will be invited to take a deep dive into exploring your life now and help you envision your preferred future with a renewed sense of your personal strengths and talents. By the end of the process, you will have created your own personal Tree of Life to keep!

Choose to do the narrative therapy course 1:1 personally with me in Brisbane on Zoom or go self-paced following the pre-recorded video sessions guiding you to complete the process solo at your convenience.

This isn’t your typical therapy or personal growth program.

this isn't your typical therapy program

I focus on your strengths, which means we will build you up instead of ruminating in your shadow.

Because therapy can be FUN, JOYFUL & DEEP!

This Tree of Life Program was co-created by Narrative Therapists David Denborough and my mentor and trainer, Ncazelo Ncube, an incredible therapist who works in Africa with people who are living with incredibly traumatic stories and finds space in their stories for hope, strength and individual empowerment.

This means that no matter how challenging your story has been so far, you do have the power to shift the narrative and change the way you see and treat yourself.

What to expect from the program

inner exploration

Inner exploration

We’re always our own harshest critics. Start seeing yourself through more loving eyes and stop bringing yourself down with negative chatter.

grow your confidence muscles

Grow your confidence muscles

Discover your strengths, innate gifts and abilities so that you can instil more self-belief and be braver with your life.

break free

Break free from your inner mean girl

We’re always our own harshest critics. Start seeing yourself through more loving eyes and stop bringing yourself down with negative chatter.

be unapologetically yourself

Be unapologetically yourself

Let’s uncover who you really are beyond what you’ve been conditioned to believe you need to be, so that you can live authentically and be free.

express yourself

Express yourself

Self-expression is one of the keys to living a more vibrant and joyful life. So what do you want to say and how can you connect with your creative power?

take aligned action

Take aligned action

A woman who knows who she is flows through life with ease. It’s time to dream your desired future into being. You’ll gain so much momentum from this process.

stephanie's story

Stephanie’s Story

Before the program

“I was in a very low place in my life. I felt daunted, scared and very unsure of myself.”

After the program

“The Tree of Life program truly aided in my healing and growth. I now dance through life as a young, capable individual and I couldn’t be more sure of myself, I am incredibly proud of where I am in life and who I am.”

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Explore the 4-week Process

Narrative Therapy Brisbane

Module 1

Ground & Roots

We’ll explore where you came from — your family history, your origins, your family name, your ancestry & culture, where you live and who you live with, what you like to do at home, your favourite place at home, even your. favourite songs or dances.

module 2

Module 2


Let’s dive into the things you’re good at — what are your talents? The things people tell you you’re good at? What are your special skills such as caring for others, cooking, sports, intuitive, kindness or being clever and a great problem solver? I’m sure there are plenty!

module 3

Module 3


We’ll map out your hopes, dreams, wishes and aspirations. These can be for both the near and in the distant future. Where did these hopes and dreams come from? What has influenced them?

module 4

Module 4

Leaves & Fruit

The leaves represent the most important people in your life — those supporters over time who have loved, encouraged and believed in you. The fruits represent the gifts you’ve been given by others in your life. These are not necessarily material gifts. They can be gifts of kindness, time, care, support and life skills.

storms of life

Module 5

Storms of Life

The environmental hazards of a tree, like fire, lightning, wind and drought. What are the storms in your life? What can you do when a storm is coming to help yourself? Who would be standing next to you in a storm? What do you do when the storm has passed?

module 6

Module 6

Forest of Life/Closing Ceremony

We will reflect on your whole tree: your skills, knowledge, hopes and dreams and important relationships. When doing this 1:1, you are welcome to invite friends or family to witness this reflective ceremony.

hi gorgeous, i'm jenny narrative therapy brisbane

Hi Gorgeous, I’m Jenny

When you work with me you get:


Professional support

I am a Masters trained counsellor who has helped HUNDREDS of stressed clients to relieve their overwhelm, re-explore their identity and find balance, clarity, meaning and purpose again.

Sensitivity and safety

My approach is caring, sensitive and non-judgemental. I have witnessed so many times that when we can safely open up and dive deep into our ‘why’ and what lights us up, we can access an energy source of empowerment evoking new potentials and possibilities.


The wisdom gained from life experience

I have experienced the highs and lows of life and many times have been where you are. I’ve also been married since 2007, am the mother to three beautiful children and have had a varied career journey.

This program will help you heal your ‘not enough’ stories


Narrative Therapy Brisbane

6 x professionally guided modules

To step you through mapping out each phase of your tree of life.
create your tree of life

Create your Tree of Life

You’ll walk away with a beautiful visual representation of who you are that you can cherish.

closing reflection ceremony

Closing Reflection Ceremony

To celebrate and honour who you are and how far you’ve come in the four weeks.

Narrative Therapy Brisbane

Homework & exercises

Keep progressing with fun homework activities to try outside of our sessions together.

Narrative Therapy Brisbane


A beautifully designed Tree of Life journal to record your ideas in between sessions.
Narrative Therapy Brisbane

Self-Love Meditation

To support you to appreciate who you are and what you have.

Plus you’ll get a Tree of Life Certificate

If you go through the 1:1 option, I’ll create a personalised version for you which commemorates our process together. If you go with the self-paced version you’ll get a Canva template so you can create your own! It’s a beautiful reminder of your strengths and many clients pin it up at home or add it to their screensaver.

tree of life certificate
renee's story

Renee’s Story

Before Tree of Life

“I was quite unsure of myself and was my own harshest critic. I struggled to love myself and see positives in my life.”

After Tree Of Life

“Jenny’s program was a game changer for me when I was lost in my life. It put me back on track to taking control of my life.”

Getting Started is Easy

Narrative Therapy Brisbane

Step 1: Getting to know each other

Would you like to have a 15-minute discovery call before signing up so you can see if the program is the right fit for your needs?
I know that this is a deeply personal process and you want to find the right person to take you through the experience.

Narrative Therapy Brisbane

Step 2: Choose your format

Want to do the process at your own pace guided by Jenny via pre-recorded videos? Grab the self-paced version.

Want to get support 1:1 on Zoom for personal guidance and accountability? Go with the 1:1 option. Clients see me at the same time each week. We can do the sessions in-person, on Zoom or on the phone.

Narrative Therapy Brisbane

Step 3: Getting Started

If you go with the self-paced option you’ll get immediate access to the classroom to start going through the first module.

If you go with the 1:1 option, I’ll email you to schedule your first session and I offer a flexible schedule of session times including business hours, weekends and after hours to suit everyone’s schedules.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the self-study and 1:1 course options?
The self-study option gives you access to an online classroom where you can listen to pre-recorded videos of Jenny guiding you through the process of creating your Tree of Life. You do not get any personal access to Jenny through this version, but you’ll still benefit from her guidance lovingly distilled in the videos and workbooks. The 1:1 option involves 4 x 90-minute 1:1 Zoom or Phone sessions with Jenny who will personally guide you through the process and ask you the questions you need to get clarity and complete your Tree of Life. Both versions are great and your choice will depend on how much support and accountability you think you’ll need to complete the process as well as what kind of budget you have to invest in your personal growth right now.
I’m so busy I don’t know if I have time or headspace to undertake a program, how do I know I can do this?
I get it! We all juggle so much these days and adding another thing to your to-do list can feel hard. The problem is that we so often go about our lives spending our time on things that aren’t aligned with what we really want and aren’t leading to a life we feel fulfilled by. I mean, is there anything worse than feeling like you’re wasting your time on stuff that isn’t meaningful? What you’ll find with this course is that it is meaningful work which will help you get clear on what direction you want to take your life so you stop doing a bunch of busy-work that is just leaving you feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel to nowhere and start building towards a life that feels purpose-driven. You’ll increase your self-confidence and self-love which will allow you to go after the things you really want more boldly and bravely. So would you rather keep going in the wrong direction, or save time by re-orientating your life to an aligned and exciting direction you feel proud of?
How much time will I need to commit to the process?
When you do the self-paced version, you can work as quickly or as slowly as you like, fitting it around your life. Try to factor in around 1-2 hours every module to work through the content.  You will have access to the program recordings for 6 months from the time of first booking. 
When you do the private 1:1 version, we generally do weekly sessions over 4 weeks, which are 1.5 hours in length.  This will be a month of deep dives, insightful conversations and personal reflections. 
As you can see, it really is a small commitment of time which will result in big positive life changes! 
How do I know if I actually need counselling/therapy?

I firmly believe EVERYONE can benefit from having a professional to talk to. Even therapists have a therapist! But particularly if you’ve been feeling lost and directionless with life, you’ll find this process hugely helpful! 

How soon can we get started?
If you start the self-paced version you can get started straight away with instant access. 
If you are interested in doing the program privately with me, the first step is to pre-book your four sessions via my online booking link with available times that suit you.  You will be sent your workbook and resources at the start of your first session.
I’m feeling nervous about the process, is that normal?
Yes, this is COMPLETELY normal. Any kind of change or commitment can feel scary, even when it’s desired. I promise you that all my clients feel like this. Especially with the 1:1 option, it can feel nerve racking to talk to a counsellor for the first time and sharing your vulnerabilities. I want you to know that you can trust me to hold all your deepest, darkest fears and beliefs about yourself. I never judge my clients because we’re all human (including me!) I have been supporting clients for a very long time and I promise you that nothing you’ll say will shock me. Whatever you’re going through, you’re not as alone as you might think. 
If you’re going through the self-paced option, you may be nervous about whether you can keep yourself accountable and do the work. I get this too. I want you to know the course is designed to be uplifting, fun and bite-sized. It is entirely possible to go through this process yourself. I know you are capable of doing amazing things and if you’re ever stuck I’m an email away to answer a question you might have. 
How do you accept payment and is there a payment plan?

Payment is made online when you book in your session.  There will be a payment plan option for all programs available soon. 

What is your cancellation policy on a session if something comes up?

Cancellation of your session will require 24 hours notice to enable your session time to be filled.  If you need to move your session time, please contact me as soon as you are aware in order to see if there are other available times.  Failure to attend your session could compromise your future bookings and their sequence.  

Will Zoom sessions be just as effective as in-person sessions?
Yes! My work is 100% on Zoom these days. I think if Covid has shown us anything, it’s that remote sessions DO work. We might be talking through a computer screen, but it does feel like I’m right there beside you. Plus you get the added benefit of not having to leave the comfort on your home.

This process can change your life, even if you’re thinking…

Narrative Therapy Brisbane

“I’ve tried therapy before and it didn’t really change how I feel.”

A lot of people try talk therapy where the cliche is that all you hear is “How does that make you feel.” I offer more than just active listening. We won’t just go back and forth discussing your problems and struggles, wallowing in it. The process is EMPOWERING and helps you change your internal dialogue – the way you see and feel about yourself for the better.

“Talking about my “strengths” feels a bit silly when I don’t actually know if I have any.”

I know you might be feeling a little lost right now. Maybe you’ve always struggled to find your “thing” and feel like you’ve never excelled in something. You might feel you’re boring or unimpressive. But I promise you, I haven’t met a single person in the program who didn’t have amazing qualities once we dove beneath the surface. Revealing these qualities will be eye-opening.

Narrative Therapy Brisbane
Narrative Therapy Brisbane

“I don’t know if I’m worthy of investing in myself in this way.”

I get it, as women, we often feel like we’re not deserving or that going inward and understanding ourselves better is not “productive.” But just like your gym membership, regular therapy can be a rewarding exercise in self-care. Imagine what you could be doing differently with your life if you believe in yourself and had clarity on your dreams. You are worthy of more.

Get Started Today on Your Journey to Self-Discovery & Self-Confidence!


Get instant access to the online classroom so you can start your self-discovery journey via the pre-recorded course content.

$233 AUD

1:1 Via Zoom

You’ll get 4x 60 minute 1:1 narrative therapy Zoom or Phone sessions with Jenny to unravel your Tree Of Life. Get personal support and compassionate guidance.

$980 AUD