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Soul Reviver Burnout Recovery Program

Counselling for women who want to go from feeling frazzled to free as a bird.

things might look like they are going well on the surface

Things might look like they’re going well on the surface, but underneath the water, you’re paddling like crazy to stay afloat.

• You’re tired of trying to keep it all together.
• Tired of feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel.
• Tired of doing things that feel like they’re not really honouring your dreams and desires.
• Tired of being someone you’re not.

Urm… Did I mention you’re soooo tired…?!

Burnout can literally snuff out your life force to the point where the world feels like it’s in black and white.

underneath you're paddling like crazy

Are you ready to be honest with yourself about what you’ve been allowing which is creating the perfect environment for burnout to thrive?

Here’s a quick reality check:

If you’re not at a point where you can’t move, can’t get out of bed, and can’t keep functioning, then you haven’t reached the rock bottom of your burnout.

Let’s not go there, friend.

Instead, let’s get thoughtful about how you can dig yourself out of this metaphorical hole you might feel like you’re in, so you can bring your beautiful life back into balance.

Soul Reviver is a 4-week self-paced online course that will take you through the key phases of burnout recovery. My vision for you is a vibrant, soulful, meaningful life that feels so good you need to pinch yourself to make sure it’s not a dream.

How about we stop allowing burnout to thrive and instead allow YOU to thrive? Are you with me?

ready to be honest with yourself?
soul reviver

Be guided through a tried-and-tested process to getting your groove back.

burnout ~ a deep dive

Module 1 – AWARENESS

Burnout ~ A Deep Dive

Explore the presentation of burnout and how it can personally affect every aspect of your life. Learn about the difference between burnout and simply being tired and the telltale signs and symptoms of how burnout can manifest in your body. Pinpoint how it’s affecting you and what you need to change in your world to move beyond its grips. This is an essential piece of knowledge you can carry with you not only through your current burnout but also throughout your life to protect yourself in the future.

the soul centred four quadrants

Module 2 – Self-exploration

The Soul Centred Four Quadrants

In this module, we explore the multifaceted roles you have in life. The juggle we have as women is real. The mental load of having to care about so many different people and areas of life is exhausting. Usually, we neglect key areas of life that seem less valuable in favour of the stuff that pays the bills and feels most urgent. But this is precisely what creates stress and burnout. Learn all about the Soul Centred Four Quadrant methodology and how this can be a clear guide to show you where you might be out of ‘balance’.

boundaries and uncomfortable conversations

Module 3 – Empowerment

Boundaries and Uncomfortable Conversations

Now comes the part so many women find challenging. We understand what burnout is, we are aware of where our life is out of balance, and now we actually have to have tough conversations with the people around us to exert our boundaries. This could feel scary if you’ve never stood up for your needs before, but it will literally change your life. So what conversations need to happen? With yourself and those around you? You’ll learn to nail difficult conversations delivered with love and kindness.

self care & mindfulness

Module 4 – Recovery

Self-Care & Mindfulness

You’ve learned about why your needs matter, but now is the time to start embodying the changes and move forward with a refreshed mindset of what living intentionally and authentically looks like to you. Self-care is a habit just like getting consistent with exercise. You have to work on it and prioritise it. You’ll be guided through how to live more mindfully, connect to yourself, self-soothe and feel calmer and clearer throughout your day. These essential life skills will bring more joy, vibrancy and fullness into your life.

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